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Cryptography and Security

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This section would cover the use of cryptography in blockchain technology and how it is used to ensure the security of transactions. You would learn about the different types of encryption used in blockchain technology and how they are used to protect the identity of users. The goal of cryptography is to ensure that only the intended recipients of a message or transmission can decipher and utilize the data contained inside it. Thus, keeping sensitive data safe from prying eyes. Crypt- means "hidden" and graph- means "writing," therefore cryptography is a concealed writing system. Messages in Cryptography are converted in ways that make decoding them difficult using mathematical ideas and a set of rule-based computations known as algorithms. The production of cryptographic keys, digital signatures, and verification using these algorithms are all vital to the security of private information, online activities, and financial transactions such as credit card and debit card purchases. Techniques used For Cryptography The term "cryptography" has become synonymous with "encryption" in the modern era of computers because of the practice of transforming plaintext into a form that can only be understood by the intended recipient. Decryption refers to the process through which encrypted information is returned to its original, unencrypted form.

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